Friday, 7 August 2009

General Progress Reports

Explorer Dreadlocks
I have started making roving dreadlocks for my explorer falls, so far I have about 15 or various lengths. These will be interspersed with dreadlocks made from fallen hair and I shall do multiple plaits underneath to add bulk and texture. For decoration I have wrapped some in wire and leather thing, others have beads and embroidery thread wraps. I still need more roving, but have to wait til the Textile Workshop gets a delivery in.
felting wool is quite fun, but really hurts my hands and you have to be in a good mood or the locks get creases in, or so it seemed! The creases are really annoying, I'm hoping my felting needle is in the drawers that my grandparents are bringing over.

The boyfriend drafted the pieces to my size and I have started a first draft with cotton drill (£1.50 a metre!), I don't have any steel bones, so I'm just going to stiffen with cable ties. My boyfriend has bought me a busk and lacing bones for my birthday, and as this corset is more supportive than cinching it should be ok.

Promenade Dress
After reading Norah Waugh's 'The Cut of Women's Clothes' I have found a style of 1911 sleeves I like, haven't decided on the rest of the bodice though.

The embroidery for the venusian pricess smock is going well, all the stones and swqins are on, and I've started sewing on the border trim. I need a clever Idea for the sleeve detail though, as I have run out of green Aida.

Sewing Machine
My grandparents are buying me a sewing machine for my birthday! Very exciting. I think they got tired of lugging the iron one around. >>