Friday, 15 May 2009

Explorer's Hair

I was washing my hair the other day, and putting on conditioner made me think, if i didn't use it my hair would tangle and eventually become dreadlocks.
So if I were a Victorian Explorer I wouldn't have access to conditioner but i might have dreadlocks.
A lady wouldn't cut off her crowning glory after all ;)

I shall create some dreadlock hair falls from wool roving and dye them with henna to match my natural colour. i might add in some synthetic hair or chunky knitting yarn to add bulk.

I shall probably wrap some of them in leather thonging or wire and decorate them with beads or silver bands, I might even add some lace as if i have ripped some off a petticoat to keep my hair order.
I shall probably hold them in place with some hair sticks.

These are some of the places that have inspired me


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