Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Just spotted a model for Skeletons in The Closet who has pretty much the hair I am planning on for my explorer outfit, there are a couple of shots of her in pretty steampunk looking attire and in this this shot which I think is also her, she has a lip ring too!

Till now I have never seen anyone with red dreadlocks, but it's nice to see someone rocking the locks ginger style (and it looks just as good as I imagined it)

Edit: The model is Femke van Hilten and it looks like the model with the piercing is not her.

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  1. Wow, just found this blog, and it's about me! :) I'm Femke and yes it's me for Skeletons in the Closet Clothing.
    But I don't have a lip ring, I guess it's a lightthingy or something?

    Anyway, thanks for the nice words!
    All the best!