Saturday, 21 March 2009


last night I had a quick go at some filling for the eight pointed stars (see post) and here is what I did.

I've use green 14 count Aida and two strands of copper toned cotton over two holes.

Top left is chips of copper purl round a sequin. As you can see I found this stuff difficult to work with. The left hand side looks ok though. I'm also not happy with the colour, i might use this pale copper to practice with and then buy some brighter off ebay.

Top right is just stitching, a flowerlike fill that i possibly invented. it shows me i need to be careful when doing blackwork with two strands, as some of its got a bit rucked up.

In the middle is a square shisha mirror. I stitched it on fairly roughly, but i think I'll try and keep the stitching symmetrical, and the mirror centered.

Bottom left
a sequin, need to decided a better way to sew it on, but apart from that its fine.

Bottom Right
plastic gemstone. I stitched it correctly, but I might put some decorative stitching behind it.

next challenge, how to attach the copper sequin trim.

Close up of the chips

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