Saturday, 21 March 2009

Moodboard - Gorey's Girl

For this outfit I have been inspired by the Victorian engraving style of Edward Gorey and the morbid cuteness of Gothic Lolita.

This fits in with the neo-victorian side of proceedings, as Victorians pretty much invented the concept of childhood and of course they were fascinated with death and the macabre.

My outfit will be in tones of black and white to reflect the monochrome style of Edward Gorey.

I will wear a black shirt that I already own and I shall make a Gothic Lolita style skirt using narrow black and white striped or grey fabric, I shall trim it with black lace and self ruffles.

I shall wear knee high socks in either black or grey and low round toed shoes.

I would like a cameo brooch to wear at my throat, but I am undecided.

I will have to wear my black crochet gloves to detract from the henna on my hands.

I shall wear slightly more make-up than usual as it's an evening, but I won't be doing full Goth makeup. I shall probably have lots of mascara, a little eyeliner and a light lip colour to emphasise my eyes.

I also haven't decided whether to have my hair up in high bunches or in a more edwardian style (as often seen on the younger members of the Russian royal family) with a fat bow.

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