Saturday, 21 March 2009

Moodboard - Sunday Promenade

This outfit is the least steampunk, it's pretty much going to be a modern recreation of a vintage style.

I have been inspired by the dresses in Titanic, especially the White and purple boarding suit, and hte shape of the Navy velvet dress.

I liked the striking black and white look of the ascot dress in the film My Fair Lady, but also the art deco inspired shapes of the late edwardian era, which were utilised by designers such as Erte and Poiret.

I am going to use a black and white toile pattern with an overskirt of black lace, and a black velvet sash.

I shall accessorise with a black lace choker, white gloves (as my hands will be hennaed for the previous day's costumes) and a round perching hat.

My hair will be up with a few tendrils down, period styles were still as complicated as the previous decade.

Wearing bright make up would not be authentic, but I shall wear a bright lipstick and eyemakeup so my face is not lost under the hat. Also it needs to be as dressy as the rest of me.

I shall wear seamed stockings and black high heeled oxfords, I may carry a parasol depending on the weather.

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