Friday, 27 March 2009

Sunday Promenade patterns

Simplicity 864o is almost a perfect copy of the 'flying gown' but it is almost impossible to get hold of, so I am going to mash together an outfit from the top half of View C of Simplicity 3723
and a simple skirt that I will draft by hand.

In terms of authenticity it's more a facsimile than a replica, but the overall look is recognisable as 1910s.

Vintage Vixen has a article on the key points of 1910s fashion and I have a few of them covered

I don't think my fabric print is very authentic, I don't if toile has ever been in fashion for clothing.

The overall silhouette should be fairly 1910s, although the waist will be lower than was fashionable as I'm short and have bosoms so it'll make me look dumpy. A lower waistline will acutally look more authentic as the proportions will be closer.

The elbow length sleeves and square neckline of the Simplicity pattern are correct, but the body shape less so I will have a cummerbund-like sash probably made from velvet to give more horizontal layers.

The skirt will also have a layer of black lace on it in a similar shape to the flying dress, I might try the lampshade shape, I'll experiment.

Shape wise my skirt will be quite narrow, I'll probably put kick pleats or just slits at the bottom so I can actually walk. might show some shocking ankle though ;)

I won't be wearing a corset, but might purchase a waist nipper just for some structure.

The full information from Vintage Vixen is here

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