Saturday, 21 March 2009

Venusian Princess

As outlined below I shall be wearing a hand embroidered abaya and a green headdress.

The headdress will be a light material and I shall probably wire the front so that it frames my face aand that it doesn't fall out of shape if I dance. I will probably wear the goggles on top of it as a nod to both the Thelma and Louise style and as a hint of crossing the desert and protecting ones eyes from the sand and dust.

I have talked about the embroidery below.

I shall probably wear high heels under the abaya as it'll make dancing easier.

Because of the rich nature of the costume I shall have dramatic make up with kohled eyes and dark lips. I shall probably have a bright metallic eyeshadow on and henna on my hands. I may also paint my nails.

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